11th October
1.30pm- 5pm
The Lexi Cinema- 194b Chamberlayne Road, Kensal Rise, London, NW10 3JU

Entry Fee by donation

The Lexi’s Green Sunday will be looking at Local versus Global – the relationship between the local communities and bigger global environmental issues. How do everyday actions count? Hosted by Shane Solanki.

1.30pm Creative local mapping workshop run by Loop Artists Group. All welcome.

3pm 45 mins short film programme – All around the world ordinary people are calling for an end to destructive development that impoverishes their lives and depletes their resources. For the last 25 years tve have been bringing their stories to the fore.

We the Peoples, 1995, 30mins, Television Trust for the Environment (tve)
An inspiring documentary from 1995 which tells the stories of community groups from around the world. In Nigeria, the minority (500k) Ogoni people are protesting at the oil companies’ devastation of their fertile agricultural land. Traditional fishermen from India oppose unsustainable fishing by industrial trawlers. The indigenous Embera people in Central America are fighting to preserve their biologically-rich jungle homeland while in South Africa the people of Pongoland resist attempts to evict them from their land. Followed by an update 14 years on.

Pumping Pressure, 2003, 16mins, Television Trust for the Environment (tve)
Irrigation currently accounts for more than 80% of water consumed in the developing world, while millions have no basic daily supply. But with a rising population and growing water demand, will there be enough fresh water to grow sufficient food, let alone provide enough drinking water? This film takes us to South Africa to see some of the challenges poor farmers face in their quest for water.

4pm Discussion with special guests from the Sustainability Institute in South Africa. (100% of The Lexi’s profits go to The SI.). The Sustainability Institute is home to South Africa’s first eco village and is a place of living and learning with lessons for the globe. This is a unique opportunity to meet members of the SI and learn about their work and practical ways of living that integrate ecology.

The event will be a celebration of:
The Lexi Cinema’s first birthday and the work it does to support The Sustainability Institute in South Africa.

Televisions Trust for the Environment (tve) 25th Anniversary- promoting and celebrating the work the charity has done to build awareness of, and action around, social and ecological sustainability.

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