Previous events

Energy Angels Arcola Green Sunday -25th March, 12

From Durban to Dalston; a Christmas without Waste Arcola Green Sunday- 11th December, 11

Energising the Liveable City- Arcola Green Sunday 18th September, 11

Cycle Sunday- Arcola Green Sunday, 12th June, 11

Into Eternity - Evolve Green Sunday- 17th April, 11

Beyond Economics- Arcola Green Sunday- 3rd April, 11

The Economics of Happiness- Evolve Green Sunday- 13th February, 11

10:10:10 Global Day of Doing - Arcola Green Sunday- 10th October, 10

Feast of Strangers- Hyde Park Green Sunday- 22nd August, 10

Water- Arcola Green Sunday- 1st August, 10

Celebrating Food- Lexi Green Sunday- 18th July, 10

EcoChic- Sustainable Fashion Arcola’s Green Sunday- 6th June, 10

Sustainable Food- Down to Earth and Feasting Down to Earth- Arcola’s Green Sunday – 11th April, 10

Design and Technology- Arcola’s Green Sunday-  7th March, 10

Wellbeing, Health and Happiness- Arcola’s Green Sunday- 7th February, 10

Copenhagen Climate Conference-  Arcola’s Green Sunday-   6th December 09

Country Focus: Brazil- Arcola’s Green Sunday  1st November 09

Creative Community Mapping- Lexi’s Green Sunday-  11th October 09

Green Islam Culture Day- Arcola’s Green Sunday-   4th October 09

Sustainability with the Creative Industries - Canary Wharf Film Festival- 6th September 09

Activism and Communication - Arcola’s Green Sunday 6th September 09

A Feast of Strangers- Regents Park 22nd August 09

The Dalston Mill with the Barbican- Arcola’s Green Sunday- 2nd August 09

Faith, Ecology and Community – Arcola’s Green Sunday- 5th July 09

Ethical Consumption – Arcola’s Green Sunday- 7th June 09

Urban and Community Regeneration- Arcola’s Green Sunday-  2nd May 09


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