Evolve Green Sundays- 13 February 2011, 5pm – 7:20pm

The Economics of Happiness

evolve wellness centre, 10 Kendrick Mews, South Kensington, London, SW7 3HG

Hosted by and post-screening discussion with Hali Healy – The CEECEC Project (Civil Society Engagement with Ecological Economics) and Saamah Abdallah – the new economics foundation

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5:00pm Short Film – Life After Growth, 2010 (25 mins)
Directed, written, shot and edited by Leah Temper & Claudia Medina

Life After Growth documents the rise of a new movement calling not for more economic growth, but LESS. The degrowth movement, or “mouvement por le decroissance”, argues that through a voluntary reduction of the economy we can work less, consume less and live better, fuller lives.

5:35 Main Feature – Economics of Happiness, (67 mins)
Dir. Helena Norberg-Hodge, Steven Gorelick, John Page, 2010, US/UK,
Screened in association with The International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC)

A new feature length documentary that argues that the policies being implemented to deal with today’s economic turmoil will only temporarily shore up a global system that is fundamentally unstable and incapable of meeting the needs of people and the planet.
For full synopsis and more information on the film visit The Economics of Happiness

6.45- 7.20pm Post-screening discussion

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